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Beaver Creek Angler’s Events
Each year we have a number of events for members and guests.  There are three annual events scheduled for this year at Beaver Creek.  They are: “Opening Day”, “One Fly Day”, “Annual Appreciation and Raffle Day.”

Reminder:  The stream will be closed to fishermen for 15 days prior to Opening Day.

Friday Night Award Ceremony and Dinner – A dinner party is held the night before Opening Day.  An award is presented each year to the fisherman who has been able to impress the others with his most bonehead performance.  The night includes drinks and dinner with good friends.

Opening Day - is scheduled to coincide with the opening of trout season for the state of Pennsylvania.  Although Opening Day is the busiest fishing day of the year, there is still plenty of room for all fishermen and their guests.  For the early fishermen, the day starts with a continental breakfast at the pavilion.  Lunch on the stream includes such delicacies as lamb on the spit, deep-fried turkey, and roasted venison.


One Fly Day – One Fly Day limits a fisherman to his choice of one fly.  For $20, a fisherman can buy an insurance policy, before the contest starts, to purchase a replacement fly.  If you lose your fly, you can sit by the fire or go to the pond.  The stream is divided into five sections and the fishermen are divided into teams.  On thirty-minute intervals, each team moves to the next section.  Everyone gets to fish the entire stream.  There are two winners, the team with the highest number of fish and the person with the largest fish.

Annual Appreciation Day and Raffle – On a Saturday late in October, the Beaver Creek Anglers hold an appreciation day on the stream.  Lunch is served on the stream, fishing is pursued, and our annual raffle takes place.  This is primarily a family event.    

April 5, 2024 – Friday Night Award Ceremony and Dinner
April 6, 2024 – Opening Day
June 9, 2024 – One Fly Day
October 26, 2024 – Annual Appreciation Day and Raffle

Please check our Calendar page for any updates or additional events.